Pedigree Systems

The Optima Growth Model

Modern pig production requires very precise information on the requirements of the growing pig to ensure that:

  • The animal can express its true potential for lean growth
  • Grading Contracts can be fulfilled
  • Expensive nutrients are not wasted
  • Environmental polution is minimized

The most effective way of determining requirements and responses of farm animals is through use of simulation models. Here the pig is represented by a series of mathematical equations linking genetic, metabolic, nutritional, environmental and physiological phenomena.

The Optima Pig Growth Model is such a model. It was first commissioned in 1995 by Close Consultancy and Associated British Nutrition (ABN). Today it is a practical advisory model for commercial use that is both comprehensive and intuitive. It is based on sound scientific knowledge, drawn from both the literature and from a number of in-house trials. It has also been extensively validated in commercial practice.

Key Features

  • Predicting the performance of the pig under a wide variety of conditions
  • Calculating the requirements and responses of the growing pig under varying systems of husbandry, management and health; with different genotypes and sexes
  • Establishing nutrient requirements, diets and feeding strategies for pigs at all stages of growth from 20 to 120 Kg bodyweight
  • Evaluating economic consequences of changes in feed or feeding system, genetics, slaughter weight or grading contract
  • Developing, test and advise on new feeds, products and feeding regimes
  • Teaching aid to illustrate the basics of pig growth
  • Interpretation of production performance
  • Designing research and development trials

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