Pedigree Systems

Data management

Design of systems for the successful capture, storage and retrieval of information is our core business activity.

Data Capture

We have experience of capturing information from a variety of on-farm machinery including ultrasonic equipment, electronic feeding stations, hand held devices and bar code readers.

We can provide applications to allow entry of information via a web interface or with standalone software.

We can also advise on techniques for the collection and assimilation of data from remote sites to a central location and on running a bureau service for your clients.

Data storage

Professional database design is key to ensuring that valuable information is stored correctly and can be retrieved easily and presented intelligently.

SQL Server database applications underpin all our core activities and this is the area for which we have been accredited our Microsoft Certification.

Whether you have a legacy system to improve or a completely new project in mind, ensure you get professional advise. Please call, we'll be happy to help.