Pedigree Systems

Farm Recording

Originally commissioned by ACMC, PigCom is the result of a substantial six-figure investment program and provides what we believe to be the most advanced pig management software package in the world to date.

PigCom has been extensively trialed using thousands of sows across the globe including ACMC's 5000+ sows in the UK, as well as be customers in Canada, Poland and Spain.

PigCom is versatile and user friendly and provides professional pig producers with robust management data that they can rely on.

For more information and pre-sales enquires please contact Data To Decisions direct.

An advanced database management system allows extensive, detailed recording of every aspect in the life of every sow, boar and feeder in-herd.

  • Rapid data retrieval for reporting
  • Historical information is preserved
  • Diverse breeds and crossbreeds can be recorded so that analytical reports can be produced by line.
  • Customize reporting with farm specific targets and performance indicators

PigCom allows the user to have an accurate overview of the herd at any time.

  • The performance of any animal can be instantly accessed by its ID.
  • Weekly reminders & checklists to take on farm.
  • Extensive filtering and sorting of information to tailor reports and highlight relevant issues.
  • Comprehensive selection of weekly, monthly and analytical reports
  • Farm data can be consolidated to give an overview for larger producers
  • Graphs and Charts bring data to life, showing trends over time and forecasting for the future

Designed by pig producers for pig producers, PigCom is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Entry screens are ordered logically.
  • All information is validated on entry so the data can be trusted.
  • The system has the flexibility to perform well in both single user on farm and multi user bureau systems.