Pedigree Systems

AI Stud Management

The AI Stud Manager provides a powerful, flexible and highly customisable solution to AI Stud management. It satisfies the recording needs for both Semen Management and Order Processing. It can also be fully integrated with other stud equipment and uses barcoding technology to speed order allocation. The system is suitable for both standalone and multi-user environments.

Initially this application was developed for use in the Pig Industry, but its flexible approach to Stud Management is intended to ensure that it is suitable for any species.

The AI Stud Manager is currently available in English, but can be translated into other languages if required.

The AI Stud Manager satisfies the recording criteria for the BPEX Standard for Porcine Semen Quality

Integration with IMV systems.

There is also an Executive version available intended for use by consultants, managers, central office personnel.

Free upgrades are provided on quarterly basis.

Additional data processing / customisation can be arranged at a reduced rate.

Information from studs can be synchronized with a central database / order invoicing system.

The Boar Inventory records boar movements. This includes arrival into isolation, transfer into the active boar herd and departure from the stud. You can also:

  • Choose days of the week to collect a particular boar, or alternatively to set a minimum collection interval.
  • Block boars from collection until further notice
  • Set the default semen product that the boar will be used for, independent of breed.
  • Record boar pedigrees
  • Use the Notebook for making general notes / comments on a particular boar

The Collections editor records boar collection details and allows the portioning of this semen into doses for sale.

  • Collections can be split into multiple portions if necessary.
  • The number of doses is calculated automatically using the semen density, volume and desired concentration per dose. The required volume of diluent / semen is displayed.
  • This screen can be linked to the colorimeter, used to drive the diluent pump, and communicate with IMV flat packing equipment.
  • Semen batches waiting processing can be labelled.
  • Previous boar performance is shown graphically and compared with the breed average
  • Orders outstanding for the day are compared graphically with doses collected

The Morphology screen allows multiple quality control measurements to be made on each collection.

  • Choose from a simple motility check to an extensive semen morphology assessment.
  • Measurements can be made on day of collection or on any day thereafter.
  • Keyboard mapping to facilitate counting of semen defects.

The Treatments, Blood Tests and Temperature editors provide health monitoring and can prevent boars from being collected if certain drugs are administered.

Use One–Off Orders for entering and processing single orders.

  • Products must be in stock before they can be allocated
  • Delivery notes can be printed
  • Courier used and postage cost recorded
  • Orders can be placed in advance of processing date

Use Standing Orders for entering and maintaining repeating orders.

  • Flexible repeat interval means that orders can repeat weekly, monthly or however often you like
  • Orders are refreshed up to whatever date you choose

Use Process Orders to allocate stock to an order

  • Optimised for use with Bar Coding technology
  • Delivery Notes can be printed in batches or on demand

Use the Customer database to keep a record of all customers.

  • Grouped on type (e.g. Nucleus, Multiplication, Commercial) to determine availability of stud products.
  • Each customer has a health status which must be less than or equal to the stud health status before orders can be placed.
  • An order block facility can also be used to block customers with poor credit from ordering new stock.

Use the Productsdatabase to maintain a list of products available from the stud

  • Select availability for different customer types
  • Link to central ordering system
  • Record cost per product item, if invoicing directly
  • Specify Re-Order level. Once stock falls below this level products are flagged for re-order

Use the Stock editor to maintain items in stock.

  • Use by Date facility to remove products whose shelf life has expired
  • Record of supplier is kept if required

Enable the Invoicing facility to allow the stud to invoice customers directly

  • Set up price lists for products available
  • Use % mark-up facility to provide flexible costing for valued customers
  • Print invoices for processed orders

Use the Export facility to send details of orders processed to head office.

Use the Import facility to automate batch entry of new boars into the stud.

A full range of standard reports are available.

  • Fully customisable
  • All reports can be filtered e.g. by boar, customer, date range etc
  • Reports can be previewed on screen, printed or output as PDF documents
Boar Reporting
  • Boar Inventory – All boars currently in stud / isolation
  • Arrivals – New boar arrivals
  • Transfers In – Boars transferred from isolation into main stud
  • Treatments – Treatments administered
  • Tests – Blood tests and results
  • Leaving – Boars leaving the herd.
Collection Reporting
  • Collections – Boars collected
  • Morphology – Semen quality control results
  • Inventory – Average lifetime performance for each boar in stud
  • Pool Summary - Performance of pooled semen
Orders Reporting
  • Orders – List orders on system
  • Processed – List orders processed
  • Daily Summary – Grid showing Customers vs Products ordered.
  • Outstanding – Orders still waiting to be fulfilled
  • Courier – Orders despatched sorted by courier
  • Delivery Note – Print delivery notes for all orders due for processing
  • Standing Orders – List standing orders on system
  • Order History – Show order history for a particular customer
  • Invoice – Print an invoice
  • History – List invoices
Stock Reporting
  • In Stock – List items in stock, can exclude non-boar products if required
  • Re-Order – Products in stock at levels below their specified Re-Order level
  • Bar Codes – Print bar codes for non-boar products
General / Custom Reporting
  • Customer address labels
  • Use this section to add your own In-House reports if none of the above satisfy your requirements.