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Sam Hoste has held senior management or Directorship roles managing teams delivering science based solutions to the food industry since the early 1990’s. He has worked in the USA, Canada, South East Asia and Europe for PLC’s, privately held companies and his own company. His experience has covered negotiation, development and management of businesses, the provision of scientific information to clients, large scale genomic project appraisals and the provision of continuous improvement tools for the management of companies. He has been involved in communication with Government, industry and media organisations

Science Business Management and Strategy

Key competences

The company has expert knowledge in scientific information management and presentation. The company is active in “horizon scanning” for new technologies and maintaining extensive networks with colleagues and academics across the world and have produced regular literature reviews and articles; reviews of EU business and academic scientific capabilities for clients. Sam Hoste has considerable experience in developing technical strategies and in business planning. In the last five years Sam Hoste has been involved in developing food chain partnerships with farmers, processors and retailers that have been overwhelmingly successful. The company has considerable experience in applying business improvement methods such as Bench Marking, Key Performance Indicators and Six Sigma methodologies to science based businesses.

Data Analysis

Presenting your results

Quantech has considerable experience of managing commercial trials. The company has expert knowledge of developing databases (ACCESS, SQL Sever for standalone, intranet or internet) and using statistical packages such as SAS and SPLUS to analyse and present data. Quantech have extensive experience of presenting material with Microsoft products such as Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

What next?

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This leaflet gives very brief details about Quantech. To find out how Quantech can help you grow your business please call or write to Dr Sam Hoste.